Ethos of clubs and things we share in common

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TOP Kids Clubs Ethos and Our Shared Values

Each club has its own unique atmosphere brought about through its environment, along with the unique personalities of the children and staff. However, each club share many things in common so to ensure continuity of working practices for the staff and ensure the children receive a high quality experience through respect of others. Top Kids Ethos is based on choices and consequences, along with equality of opportunities and treating children and adults with respect. We recognise that the richness and diversity of culture and experience evident in our society today provides a unique opportunity to share in and understand the ways of others and their various responses to life.
We recognise that all forms of discrimination are socially divisive and hinder individual development, and that passive support for equal opportunities is not sufficient to challenge stereotyping and other forms of discrimination. We also affirm that to turn a blind eye or to ignore such discrimination is to condone it.

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Terminology used by the staff is always positive and we teach the children to also be positive in their language they use when conflicts arise. We encourage the children to make the right choices as opposed to the wrong ones. When they have made the wrong choice the staff will constructively talk to the child in an age appropriate way according to their individual understanding discussing the feelings of the other child and also its own if what had been done had happened to them. As well as addressing the negative aspect of the incident positive messages are also given to the child so that he/she understands the benefits of good behaviour. We actively encourage the children to talk to the staff if someone upsets them or makes them feel angry. As they learn we also give them strategies to help them deal with incidents empowering them to make their own decisions building their self-esteem. The Clubs have a time out system for a period of five to ten minutes for children to reflect on what has happened and to think about what they may do next time.

We do not tell the children what to do, we ask them what should they have done, and what should they do next time. The children also make the rules of the club that reflect the ethos of the club respect. Empowering the children to think for themselves and to make their own rules ensures most of the time that they actively act on issues, and uphold and abide by them.

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At TOP Kids we recognise that many of the problems your children may face are brought about by their inability to deal with their anger and emotions. If you think about yourself you may have been in your teens or twenties, thirties etc, you may not still be able to control them fully. It is only through life experiences and when they are mature enough hopefully they will cope/deal with them. Through recognising this we tell the children if they are angry they can tell the staff and we will talk to them later when they will be more responsive. Staff also recognise their anger and tell them to go and play or whatever they wish to do and that they will talk to them later. This is far better than talking to an angry child who is going to be unresponsive and probably disrespectful getting themselves in more unnecessary trouble. That is why we also believe that it is ok to make mistakes as long as they try to remember next time. We Value our relationship with parent/carers and are committed to working in partnership with you and we therefore ask that you support the clubs policy.

We share many other things we are registered with Ofsted, with the exception of Woodside, as it is not required to do so because it runs for less than two hours, however it runs as if it is meeting all requirements.
The Clubs are fully insured through the childcare experts Morton Michel Insurance Services. The clubs operate from 2.30pm and start collecting the children from 3pm onwards they close at 6.00pm. During holiday times (Addiscombe) operates from 8.30am - 6.00pm.
All the Staff is fully checked out prior to starting with references being sought if they do not have a CRB (Criminal Record Check) then one is applied for immediately, all staff have CRB's. Staff will all register on the new vetting and barring list (ISA) as soon as they are required to do so. Under new guidelines all new staff will need to have a CRB and registered with the ISA this will be implemented.
Staffs are suitably trained to level 2 or 3 or are working towards qualification. All Clubs have Appointed First aiders and other staff that are trained in First Aid. Each club has Staff trained in Food and Hygiene along with other Health and Safety training. TOP kids also employ Peninsula Business services to ensure it meets it legal requirements concerning health and safety. Each Club also has staff trained in Safeguarding Children with an appointed person at each club.
All of the company's policies and procedures set out the working practices of the staff at all the clubs. All staff work to ensure the safety of the children at all times carrying out risk assessment for risk or hazards. Collection and transportation of the children from schools is always a venerable time. Staffs always check with the club or appropriate adults at the school to ensure the whereabouts of a missing child that they should collect but is not there, and no message has been received from the parent/carer. Staff can only leave when the whereabouts of the child has been verified or told to do so by their line manager.

All clubs offer:
MEALS - We offer the children a healthy snack on arrival at club and our menu conforms to the healthy eating standards.
OUTSIDE PLAY & GAMES - We have access to outside facilities which are used daily weather permitting. We also play team games at the end of the day so that the children can "let off steam".
ACTIVITES - We do daily planning of activities and equipment to ensure that the children have the opportunity to engage in a huge variety of activities and to ensure we cater to the children's individual need so that each child has a feeling of belonging in a friendly and fun atmosphere
QUIET AREA - But there is also a 'Quiet Corner', specifically for those children who don't always want to be in the 'hub of activity' and who just want to concentrate on their homework, or relax after a hard day at school, or simply just 'Chill Out' and do their own thing!
Children are supervised at all times. We appreciate the importance of quality care and hope that the environment helps children to relax and have fun, yet encourages them to develop social, physical and interactive skills through play, in a fun and informative environment.

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