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TOP Kids @ Woodside

As with the other Clubs TOP Kids @ Woodside forms part of TOP Kids Clubs Ltd. Top Kids has been proudly associated with Woodside Primary School & Children's Centre since June 2005 working alongside the school ensuring a high quality learning / play environment.

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The Woodside Partnership

Up until July 2008 Top kids provided an afterschool and breakfast Club on the school site. It still operates a Breakfast Club in the Infant School hall, which operates from 7.40am till 8.50 am. Top Kids was approach by the Head teacher Claire Howarth and it was amicably agreed that we would use Addiscombe Kids Club to house the Afterschool Club.
Although at the time it was an upheaval, it has benefited the children at Woodside immensely. As the school now has use of its only hall, it is able to provide other after school activities/clubs enriching the play/learning opportunities of all the children and given parents more choice. It also fulfilled its obligations under the extended school program. Addiscombe offers an excellent inclusive play/learning environment and along with the schools after school activities, the children have one of the best play/learning services in Croydon.

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Breakfast & After school Club

A dedicated staff team of three operate the Breakfast Club which is able to cater for up to 40 children. Children are given Breakfast when they arrive. Breakfast consist of a variety of cereals, toast and spreads, fresh fruit and yogurts in line with the schools healthy eating policy. Children then play with a variety of table/board games and drawing materials. The play opportunities are limited to these as we do not want to hype the children up too much before school, where they should be arriving in a calm manner ready for the day of learning. Infant children are taken directly to their classrooms from within the school building and checked in by their teachers. Junior children join their respective class line in the playground staff ensure they join their class.
Infant children are collected from their classrooms from within the school. Junior Children meet at a designated place and once all together they like the Infant children are transported by minibuses. There may be times when the junior school children are transported by tram to Woodside tram stop and then walk the short distance to the Club.


Please call us on the Woodside number in the sidebar between 7.40am - 9.00am for Breakfast inquires where Robert Foley will be happy to talk about your childcare needs and any further information you need to know. For afterschool inquires as well as calling in the morning, you can contact Addiscombe throughout the rest of the day.
Please note the Woodside phone number is only available during 7.40am - 9.00am. thereafter it becomes part of the schools internal phone network.
For further information on Addiscombe please select the TOP Kids @ Addiscombe link in the side bar.

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